Monday, October 24, 2011

Mondays, Blah Blah

I know Monday's get a bad rap! :) But Monday's just have to take the blame since they are the first day of the week! It is SO hard coming back to work after a nice, relaxing weekend! I took off Friday for no other reason than just to have a day to myself and I went to the dr, out to lunch with a great friend and then I tried SO hard to take a nap and couldn't! I mean, I could take a nap on command any day of the week but when I was finally able to, I failed :) So, I cleaned the house and started the mounds of laundry and waited for the troops to get home!

We had a great weekend here are some of the random things we did....
We dressed up a ton! This is pretty much an everyday occurence at our house. If you come to my house and my children are normally clothed that would be a rarity!

We made our first leaf pile! Can you sense the excitment? He loves it!

We hung out with friends! I am 99.9% sure that my kids have way more friends here than their parents and I am 100% sure that Palmer already knows 1/3 of Owensboro. I kid you not EVERYWHERE we go he knows someone, it is a huge joke now cause he knows more people than we do!

And we hung out and dressed up with our friends :) Just combining our favorite things! :)

Tex and I did get to go on a date night thanks to my sister in law! It was SO nice to spend some time with him! We went and saw Courageous! It is by the same makers as fireproof but the quality and acting are much better in this movie but the message is just as powerful! I bawled like a baby, like the kind where my head didn't stop hurting the rest of the night. It was a good cry, a hopeful cry! This movie has such a powerful message to parents especially fathers about being the spiritual leaders of their family. It gives you a whole new prespective on parenting! I was so grateful the entire time we were there because I love any thing and every thing that provides us with more knowledge and tools to be better and do better by our children and this one was awesome!!! I would totally go recommend it!

Yesterday we visited a new church and they had the best music I have EVER heard, I felt like I was at a concert, it was awesome! We are still trying to find a church home but it has been a good experience figuring out what best fits our needs as a family from a church! I know God will reveal His plan to us!

Yesterday was spent like every Sunday should, church, eating, napping and then I organized my closet and Ann Mason's closet, two things that have been nagging at me for weeks! It felt so good!

I also got the best news my sister is finally coming to Owensboro! haha I get to see my precious niece Friday! We can't wait to celebrate them coming in!

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