Thursday, October 6, 2011

Spooktacular Night

One of my very most favorite things in the whole wide world is having my friends and family all together! It doesn't matter what we are doing but I just love the kids running around, the chaos, the laughs and the memories we are making! I seriously could have a "get together" every weekend and be perfectly happy.

This past Saturday I thought we should kick off Oct 1st with some soup in the crock pots, pumpkin painting and a campfire making smores! Little did I know that I was only going to get 3 hours of sleep the night before but it wasn't anything that a nice afternoon nap didn't cure :)

So a few of our friends and family came over Saturday to join in on the festivities. I loved every minute of it and can't wait to do it again! I am a pretty casual hostess. You won't find any fancy serving pieces at my house or any cups that you are scared to break, I just like to make things easy and fun and hopefully everyone feels comfortable and has a good time. With 10 kids at your house you can't worry about too much mess :) ha!
The kids having a "picnic" in the sunroom. And guess what, since they didn't have to actually sit at a table they ate all of their food, it was a Halloween miracle :)

The table decorated with a few of the pumpkins pre-painting

Piper and Bennett (they are cousins)

Ewww I could just eat this little face up. Annie had SO much fun painting and of course she wanted to wear Palmers camo shirt. She LOVES a party just like her momma!

KK and Dallas (Dallas is just like a part of our family. His mom and my sister in law have been friends since they were pregnant, he calls Kathy mamaw, he is the sweetest kid ever!)

Ethan painting! If you are wondering about the outfits, everyone borrow Palmer's old tshirts to paint so that is why they all look a little funny :)

Tiff and the boys, I think Robbie was helping with the fire

Kathy and I!

The "twins" and piper and BB

Everyone waiting for the fire to get rolling so we could make smores!

Cannon and Palmer with their marshmellows. I have a feeling this is the first of many bonfires and hopefully camping experiences for these two!

Lindsey with BB and Ann Mason. Ann Mason may or may not have given BB the most intense kiss as he was leaving, I about died! I mean she grabbed his face, turned it sideways and planted a big one on him. BB was stunned and just stood there! I think they make a pretty darn cute couple!

I can't wait to have MANY more activities at the house and in the yard. I have big plans for this yard it might not be able to handle everything I want to do! ha!

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