Friday, October 28, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Fridays

So, I got "pinterest inspired" last night. The kids both went to bed at a decent time, the house was mostly clean and I had drank too much unsweet ice tea and I started getting my supplies out and my glue gun and it was ON! :) Ann Mason had to wear a Halloween shirt today to school and I realized I had not bought any Halloween shirts :( so I decided I must do something fast!

Remember this wreath.... I made a replica of it from pinterest for our own door.

Well, I had all of my supplies left so I figured I would give it a shot and try it out on a shirt. I wasn't sure how it would turn out and still wasn't too sure about it after I made it but when Ann Mason put it on this morning she made it look cute, so I was happy!

Here is the finished product! She was SO excited!! She may be part tom boy but she LOVES her girly things too!

So this was my next project I had bought the materials already a few weeks ago for like $7
So, here is what the pinterest shirt looks like (now that I look at it more closely it is way cuter than the one I made haha But I am sure I will make tons more of them! I didn't look at this picture when I made the shirt which would have totally been a good idea so now I know to turn my ribbons inwards!)

Pinterest Shirt

My shirt (bad photo quality)

It's a start, I know where I went wrong and it can easily be corrected, I am sure there will be lots more coming out :) I need to do a turkey one now!
We are SO excited about a fun filled, costume filled, candy-eating weekend!!! Happy Halloween!

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