Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat 2011

Halloween 2011 was SO much fun! We almost didn't get to go we kept Annie home from school and she pepped up enough to go out and get some candy for a while! This weekend was a blast too although I think it takes me longer to recover from busy weekends as the years pass! Joe, Ashley and Belle came to visit and it was awesome!! The kids miss Belle more than anything. I think if Belle lived here then Owensboro would officially be the coolest place! Saturday night we had a Halloween cookie decorating party and had it catered by Lee's Famous Recipe! haha Nothing like fried chicken and cookie baking, my kind of party!

Last night we went to Aunt TT's for pictures and hit up a few houses and then went over to our friends houses to trick or treat with the gang and eat chili! The kids were hilarious and Annie talked to EVERYONE at their door for so long we had to pull her away! I think we need a Stranger Danger talk really soon! Palmer LOVED pretending to be a cop and took his roll seriously! We have tons of candy at the house, we are going to have to put alarms on those bags!

Here is the night in pictures!
Bennett the big bad world, Tatum (little red riding hood) and Annie the pink kitty!

The gang over at Aunt TT's this was as good as it was going to get picture wise, they were ready for some more sugar!

Spider Man and Palmer the Sherriff

Piper the other pink Kitty joined in on the party!

Palmer filling up his bag!

Two of my favorite girls in the world, my neice Katelyn and my sweet girl Annie.

The cop escorting the pink kitty to the car. Let's not flash forward 20 years and have this same picture! ha!

Oh and Annie trying to give a beastly hug to Bennett her boyfriend. I don't think his costume was wanting to cooperate :)

We had a great time and now I think we can relax a bit and get ready for Thanksgiving :) I am hoping to get some stuff done around the house and maybe relax the next couple of weekends!

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