Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Tour 2011!


I KNOW it is WAY early but when you spend two weekends in the house with a sick family you get bored and I decided to throw caution to the wind and put up my Christmas Decor! There is truly NOTHING better to me than turning out the lights and sitting by the tv or in front of the computer with nothing but Christmas lights on, it totally gives me warm and fuzzies.

So, I probably don't have to mention that I searched Pinterest high and low for ideas that were A. Reasonable in Price B. Reasonable in not being too difficult and C. CUTE and FUN!

I chose to go with Lime Green, Red and a small amount of Gold!

It started out with my table looking something like this....
And this....

One of my very favorite things in my whole Christmas collection is my Waterford Crystal Christmas Collection. My dad started buying us the Waterford Crystal Christmas piece of the year when we were probably 19. I have about 9 or so... and then they stopped making them :( I don't think I appreciated them at 19 quite as much as I do now but to me they are priceless!
Small Christmas centerpiece/decor on our kitchen table. I already had the vase with cranberries to I just added the runners and trees.

Each year since the kids have been born we have put up one "formal" tree and one "kid" tree. My mom stocks up on personalized ornaments for the kids and they go Gaga over them each year! Here is their tree and they LOVE it! It has multi color mardi gras beads, personalized ornaments and a few ornaments that date back to the 80's! Yikes!

So my friend Jenny and I got together this weekend and tackled the Poly Deco Mesh Wreath! We had a great time but laughed because our Pinterest inspiration and our finished product looked a little different. We were still proud and happy with our creations! We definitely decided we couldn't do it for a living!

One of my fav additions this year was my more "formal" dining room table. I use "formal" loosely around this house because let's get real with a 4 and a 2 year old we aren't really all that formal period :) but this is as close as it gets. I got red and white polka dot fabric and lime green and white polka dot fabric and made some no sew table runners.... Then I scored big time and found the same lime green and white polka dot plates for $1 at Hobby Lobby, added chargers I already had and my awesome glitter trees from Trees and Trends and voila, I love it! I also tied bows around all of the chairs which you can't see. I think I need to add napkins and glasses one day....

My picture quality is so poor :( My camera is broken and I HATE it! I have to do the pics by phone for the time being. I have to say this is my all time fav Christmas tree I have ever done! I went Poly Deco Mesh nuts and added a lot of 3D elements to the top and in the tree! It is totally fun, funky and exactly what I was hoping for. I don't know how I did it but I just kept adding and stuffing and finally it worked!

The tree all lit up!!

It was definitely fun decorating this year and to see the kids faces as I was putting up all of the Christmas decor! I also found buddy (the elf on the shelf) while I was unpacking. I am already thinking of ways he will make his debut post Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoyed the Christmas tour, there may be more to come if I get motivated.

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