Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Mixing it Up! The 10 Day YOU Challenge!

I am feeling a little crazy today... it might be that yep, I finally got hit with the stomach bug Monday night and I HAD to come to work yesterday because we were short staffed. It was by far the longest day of my life thus far but I made it and got a good nights sleep last night and woke up this morning refreshed and feeling good for the first time in almost a week! I think this bug has finally evacuated the household, thank goodness!

So, in the spirit of feeling good I decided to join my first challenge! I thought this was kind of fun and kind of outside my blogging box (which is not all that crazy! ha!)


Here I am! In doing this day one challenge I realize that A. I was never a big fan of "me" in pictures and B. I had to look for like 30 minutes to find a picture of me by myself, do other people have a ton of pics of them by themselves? ha!

Who wants to join the challenge? It will be fun!

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