Friday, November 4, 2011

Officially Obsessed!

I don't know what has gotten in to me... I love Christmas and decorating but my decorating has always been fair, "cute" even and I have always liked it but never really went crazy with decorating until this year. This is the year I might just go all out! ha!

It all started with this stuff...
Poly Deco Mesh Ribbon, I LOVE it, OBSESSED! Started seeing it a few years ago it was hardly sold anywhere and now it is EVERYWHERE! You can purchase it at your nearest hobby lobby, Michael's even Sam's had it last night!

So I picked a color scheme. I already had some reds so I am doing Red, Lime Green, White and a little Gold!  Here is my inspiration. Ok, unfortunately my tree won't be 12 feet tall but I am hoping to get this effect somewhat. If I get even close I will be thrilled! I just love it!

Up close notice all of the awesome Poly Deco Mesh Ribbon!

Here is another version of something similar, I am loving the ribbon and whimsical look! I am pretty sure I have about 30 yards of ribbon and 40 yards of poly mesh ribbon so WATCH out I am going crazy!

We don't have a staircase in our house but we do have a front porch with railings, I am thinking something along these lines!

Another view, just garland the ribbons and some ball ornaments and TA-DA!

Love this or a small version around my dining room chairs.

Thought this was a great idea, I have a chandelier almost exactly like this one, so I thought this was a clever idea!

I also have the kids Christmas tree to do with boy and girl ornaments and I found the cutest pink and blue wired ribbon to go thru it! I also got fabric to make table runners and some more decorations for my hutch, tables, etc... I am tellin you people I have gone mad over Christmas Decorations!

I am trying to hold off for a while but they are definitely having to go up before Thanksgiving! I can't stand it anymore :)

I will definitely post pictures once they are put up! Wish me luck!

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