Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 3, Three Films

Ok, I might be back on track! Day 3, Three Films. I am tellin ya people this is WAY harder than it looks :) How can you pick out 3 movies in a lifetime? I bet a lot of people can but I am learning that I am indecisive or don't have tons of favorites~ ha! So, for my set of movies I picked more of a 80's theme :) All of these movies I still own and all of these movies and could watch them 1000 more times each! 

The first one is Hairspray. Did anyone else watch this back in 1988 before the remake and Broadway, etc...? Well, I did and I thought everyone else did but maybe not! ha! I LOVED this movie and Ricki Lake!  
Oh how could you grow up in the 80's and NOT love you some Ferris Bueller! He was so cool and I just watched this movie over and over again! I still swoon when he sings at the parade and the crowd starts dancing even though I am not a huge Matthew Broderick fan today he was pretty cool back then!

And lastly my number one favorite 80's movie and just plain movie of all time is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! This is a classic, I mean have you seen SJP in her dance outfits? To die for! And when she snuck out of her house at night to dance with the hunk, oh my I wanted to be her SO bad!

And because this is called the Ten Day YOU Challenge, which means it is all about ME! I can break the rules a little so in the Christmas Spirit I decided to list my 3 fav Christmas Films. One funny, one classic and one tear jerker!

Christmas Vacation. I seriously can't go thru the holiday without watching this several times. It never gets old to me. I LOVE it, LOVE it, LOVE it!

The Family Stone, if you haven't seen this it is a MUST. It has an amazing cast and it will make you laugh and cry! It is one of those movies that will come on TBS and I immediately sit down and forget about what else I am doing and get hooked!

The Elf came on last night and the BEST thing in the whole world is that my 4 year old totally LOVES this movie! He totally gets the hilarious humour of buddy the elf! This movie makes me laugh and definitely puts me in the Christmas spirit!

Operation Christmas Decorations was a SUCCESS this year! Can't wait to share the pictures!

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