Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend Part I

Man, I am SO bummed to be back at work and back to Reality! We had such a good family fun weekend I didn't want it to end and neither did the kiddos! I swear they get funnier and funnier and we had such a good time with them this weekend, they just make me laugh non stop! I was on picture overload cause I got a new camera!!! Woohoo! I will post more about it later but I LOVE it and it is AWESOME!

Thursday we woke up early and ALL (everyone and Molly the dog) piled up in the mini van and headed to Georgetown, KY to my dad's house. My sweet sister in law hosts Thanksgiving every year and even though we don't always get to make it, we enjoy it so much when we do!

We all spent the night at my dad's which is just hilarious. My dad has not had any people spend the night in 20 years! I think he was pretty excited to have his house filled with dogs, kids, noise, clutter, etc... ha! Good thing it was only for one night. We will break him in for Christmas.

Papaw with a "hat" as the kids call him before we left for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Dawn (dad's fiance), her daughter Emily and dad

Jillian and Mia

Love, Love, Love this picture! The kids had SOO much fun playing. We are missing Piper and Belle so we will have to get another one soon!

Myself, Mia and Dawn! I didn't get any pics of Tex or me hardly!

The cutie kiddos! They just were SO happy being with family and playing with their cousins!

My sister in law was SO sweet and watched the kids so that Tex and I could both see my papaw in the hospital! We took him some Turkey Day food but he wasn't much on eating but got really excited about chocolate ice cream! I am happy to report that he is finally back home. He has a long way to go and a lot of decision to be made about his care but he is SO happy that he is home and that is all we care about!

Thanksgiving this year was definitely a blessing and an awesome day! It is easy for me to get down about the  things that I don't have or prayers that haven't been answered but if I turn those thoughts to everything that I have been given and prayers that have been answered my gratitude is immeasurable! God is GOOD!

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