Sunday, November 13, 2011

DAY 2, Two Songs

Ok, my 10 YOU challenge might take about 20 or 30 days at this point! Our weekend was filled with Strep throat for Tex and a SECOND round of the stomach bug for Palmer! I am READY for this little rodeo to be over!

I will definitely catch up soon on the events but back to the task at hand... DAY 2, TWO Songs. Do you know how hard this is? My "cd collection" is totally random and totally embarrassing :) I have everything from Eminem, Dixie Chicks, Glee, Blink 182, Lovin in the 90's (I used to order cd's off of the tv late at night in college, bad phase! ha!) and many, many more random cd's that are basically my blasts from the past! Picking out two songs is almost impossible so I picked two songs that not only do I LOVE but represent an era or time in my life!
The First Song is Cat Stevens Father and Son. I LOVED Cat all thru high school and college. Funny story... when Tex and I started dating I was just 19 and we were just starting to think maybe we liked each other and we were up one night talking and listening to music all night (you know those things you do when you are really liking someone and can stay up past 10 pm) and I pulled out Cat Stevens and put it in the cd player.... He didn't tell me then but down the road Tex said he totally knew I was the girl for him because I liked Cat Stevens! ha! True Love :)

The next song is Garth Brooks The Dance! I don't know about you but this was pretty much my anthem in the 90's. To say I was obsessed with ol Garth back in the day would be an understatement. I remember his tour in the 90's and when I saw him come up thru the piano to sing I literally  burst out in tears! I loved everything about Garth and all of his music. This song represents high school, college and I just have major flashbacks every time I hear it! It definitely goes down in my hall of fame.

I have to really think about DAY 3, this is way harder than I thought! :)

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