Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 4, Four Books

Day 4, Four Books! First of all I have mentioned this numerous times on the blog but reading is the most effective and cheapest therapy I have found :) It has kept me sane numerous times! When I was 21 and began my first struggles with panic attacks reading was the only thing that allowed me to escape my mind and the paralyzing fear and finally calm down enough to go to sleep. I can remember then, becoming an avid reader and falling in love with all books. I love them all, the sappy, the funny, the sick and twisted (these are probably my fav's~ ha!), the sad, the spiritual, the mystery, the suspense and last but not least the biographies!

Again to just pick out four of your very favorite things in the whole wide world when literally hundreds come to mind is kind of hard! Here are just a few books that when I scanned my book shelves popped out at me and made me remember why I love reading so much...
Judy Blume, I mean who does not LOVE this lady? Same author of Superfudge and Dear God it's me Margaret (I still blame her for being big chested :) This book, I think was one of her first adult novels and it was WONDERFUL! I am 99% sure I have read everything she has written, I would love for her to come out with some new books!

The Shack in one word, PROFOUND! I still am dying to find a book/bible study that just takes this book piece by piece because it is that complex and wonderful. There are so many lessons to be taken from this book. I truly feel it is one of those books you could read 100 times and still find new meaning in. I would also love to see how others interpreted the message of this book! It is a wonderful read that is very thought provoking, inspiring and uplifting. The best line in the book review online says it all "What happens next will move you to a greater understanding of God's unfailing love for us all."

Water for Elephants was just a wonderful read. I loved the characters! Jacob, Marlena and Rosie the elephant will beat the odds and make you fall in love with them! From first glance or rather back cover it wasn't a book that I thought I would like near as much as I did! Great read!
I love Kristin Hannah. Everything she has written has been awesome!!! This is an awesome story about true life long girl friends. Tully and Kate are relatable, loveable and unforgettable. If you want a good beach book or winter book for that matter, this is it!

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