Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

It's Tuesday which means tomorrow is MY FRIDAY! I am SOOOO ready for a long weekend spending time with my family! I am envisioning lots of good foods, naps, LOT of Christmas movies (my dvr is filling up at rapid speed with all of the best Christmas movies) and just good ol quality time!! I haven't made many plans other than Thanksgiving day and I just want to relax and enjoy time with Tex and the kiddos and our families! So blessed and thankful this year for what God has done in our lives!!

This past weekend was just plain AWESOME! We were busy but it was tons of fun! We had a birthday party, went to see Happy Feet 2, ate ice cream at the new Orange Leaf here in Owensboro (way to go Owensboro!) I had girls night and the most fun of all was the Christmas Parade 2011!

This was my first Owensboro Christmas parade and it was SO fun and hilarious. Because you know, everyone in Owensboro knows everyone! So, my "crew" was screaming at everyone going by on the floats and waving, I loved it! You know who else loved it? PALMER! The kid was nearly shaking with excitement I totally got teary eyed in the middle of the parade watching his sweet face, those are truly life's moments!

My sweet niece and I!

The start of the parade with firetrucks and police cars! Palmer was in heaven!

My happy, happy boy!

Annie and Mamaw! She was talking the whole time, too busy to watch the parade!

Love him! So proud of him, even last year Palmer fought with a lot of anxiety and loud noises would really upset him and make him panic, he has grown up SO much and his anxiety has decreased dramatically I couldn't be more happy!

Waiting, waiting, waiting.... how fun is this kid going to be in Disney if he is this excited about the parade? ha!

KK and EE the kid's sidekicks!

My sweet babies!

Our whole "crew" we were told we were definitely the loudest section there!

So, miss thang didn't exactly LOVE the parade. So I took her to the restaurant downtown where we were having girls night later on and luckily it wasn't crowded and they let us sit at the big table and we ordered an appetizer together!~ Annie's request fries and ranch, so healthy! She looked at me and said, "Mom, we're having girls night!! Just me and you!" Probably one of the best moments ever. We just sat and ate fries and ranch and talked like old friends, I love this girl!

So, as a side note I guess the link up was a bust! haha I guess I didn't know how it would work until I tried? Maybe next time, right?
I don't know about you but I am super pumped for this long weekend and it can't get here soon enough!

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