Monday, November 7, 2011

A no picture kinda weekend!

Well, good thing we didn't have ANY plans this weekend because our house got hit hard with the stomach bug! I hate to even type it out but as of right now I have been spared but this has NEVER happened so I am just waiting my turn. I don't know what it is about stomach flu and kids but they can throw up and be running around in the next 5 minutes. Poor Ann Mason got it the worst, I knew when I caught her laying down a few times that she must feel especially bad.

So, therefore we literally stayed in our house ALL weekend. I realize I should have enjoyed it but something about an unplanned weekend couped up in the house spoils the fun, oh and did I mention it was a BEAUTIFUL weekend?

One of the things we did do was start to do a few home improvement projects. The first one we tackled at the incessant request of our 2 year old was paint her room pink! I never thought I would do a pink room but she so badly wanted it so we did and I must admit it doesn't look that bad, I tried to go pale, pale, pale!

Here is the color of Ann Mason's room!

Bad picture quality but it went from beige to pink, she is thrilled!

Tex painting. He is not thrilled :) He does such a GREAT job painting but he hates it! He better start liking it a little more! haha

Our next project is a little more involved. It is our powder room with teal-ish gray tile and wallpaper!
Again bad quality but here is the floor we are working with. In order not to break the bank and not do a lot of demolition we decided to stick to a color scheme that would match the floor, this left us slightly limited.

The New Vent Cover that will be added to the floor to replace the teal one :)

New switch plates for all outlets and light switches in brushed nickel!

A new frameless oval mirror and

Glass Shelf

This is the color we chose it is called Gravity and it is a pale gray. I think it will coordinate with the gray grout and the new silver accents. It is a tiny powder room so it should look ok without being overbearing!

I will definitely share pics as we progress! I stripped wallpaper for the first time, I got the first layer off and now I have to remove the glue, fun, fun!

After the powder room Palmer gets his room painted. He chose green and blue because he has a chair rail we thought that two colors would be ok. He is on the edge of his seat to get his room painted, too bad it seems his sister has to go first most of the time, poor guy :)

Stay tuned for pictures! I have 1001 things I can't wait to do eventually!

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