Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It Goes a Little Something Like This....

 I have been having a blogging dry spell. I have been horrible about taking pics and it seems like we are running full speed just knowing that summer ending is right around the corner :) Neighborhood gatherings, Later Bedtimes,  Longer Sun Time, Blow Up Pools, they will be greatly missed however there is a part of me that has also missed consistency and routine! What a party pooper I am!!! haha
Here's a little peak into our everyday....
Took both girls to the grocery. I mean BIG grocery shopping. Tex and I have figured out what works for us over the years. We split things... I took the girls to the grocery he stayed home with Palmer (who is as easy as they come) and cleaned the whole house. Win/Win for us all (kind of) stocked fridge, clean house and then after bedtime we actually get to sit in our clean house and eat some of our food! haha
This pic cracks me up Chan's face is pure concentration about how to drive a grocery cart car :) 
This girl is DAYS from flat out walking... she has taken as many as 5 steps she is SO close!!! 
I heart this picture so very much. They ADORE Chandler literally ADORE her. They think she is the funniest person ever and everything she does is cute to them. I know this will change but I love it right now! This was such a fun night down at our beautiful river front park, finally Owensboro came thru with something and it is awesome!! 
Our favorite restaurant down there is Bee Bops a 50's Diner that serves their kids meals in old timey cars. The kids go ga-ga over it!  
More Proof that her Chunky Legs are on the move! 
Best dad any two kids could ask for! 
This is MY picture from my cell phone of the set up for Chandler's first birthday pics. I have seen 2 and I about died from loving them so much! More on her birthday party to come but this girl is too cute for words! 
We are doing a pinwheel theme.... you know me, I gotta have a theme! And thanks to Hobby Lobby and the 66% off aisle I scored all of the pinwheels my heart could desire! I can't wait to celebrate this sweet babies first year!!
We have been good, we have been happy, we have our share of bug bites right now and sun kissed shoulders and noses, we have rough feet that are usually black on the bottoms from NEVER wearing shoes outside, we have more than our fair share to be thankful for! Life is good!! God is good and we are blessed much more than we deserve.  

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Jennifer said...

So, I was digging through my fb mail looking for your email address and came across the link for this! Totally forgot you were blogging. I'm going to have to put this on my 'to read' list! Love the pics of the kids! Get prepared for a small cuteness overload! I am batching up what I have finished so far but I think there are a few more poses I want to add! =)