Friday, July 5, 2013

Visit from Sylvia

My oldest friends Sylvia, her husband Donovan and their precious baby boy Teo came to visit this past weekend! It was the first time I got to meet him in person and I was so excited!!! A lot has changed for us over the last 21 years :) The kids and adults had a blast and I wish we could see them more often :(

Chandler and Teo taking a bath, he is 4 weeks younger than Chandler and is a CHUNK!!!

Chandler loves bath time and her friends!!!

Ann Mason finding any kid that will let her pick them up. This is our neighbors little girl, Amelia!

I swear Teo loved Ann Mason but he was tired at this point! haha

Playing on the slip and slide!

Hours of entertainment out of a piece of wet plastic! haha

We did a mini photo shoot with Chandler, Sylvia has the best camera!

My baby boy and his completely blue mouth!

Sylvia and the girls!

My sweet baby Angel posing during her photo shoot!

The ice cream truck came down the street and since Donovan is from Africa he had never experienced an ice cream truck! He was gracious enough to buy the kiddos Popsicles and he got one too!

Trying to get everyone to look at the camera, impossible!

Has to be into everything these days!
Sweet babies! We had the best time. I could have taken Teo for days! We loved having them visit and there is nothing like an old friend that comes along with her photo album full of pictures of us from the time we were 13!!! It doesn't get much better than that!

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