Friday, October 30, 2009

Laugh out Loud!

I needed a good laugh and I got one for sure today! I love my job (I sell insurance) and in my newest role I take on leads for people that have inquired about quotes for their cars and homes. What I never anticipated were the quite hilarious and extremely inappropriate emails and voicemails I would run into! Here are the top 7 emails that probably won't take you very far in life :) (I will keep them anonymous but making the last part generic)
And #1 most inapropriate email to date
Secondly, I guess the new craze is playing music while waiting for the reciepient at the other end to answer instead of the plain old rings! Just a few songs that are NOT going to get you a lady friend.
2. I wanna make love by Usher
1. First Date Sex - by who knows (I got to listen to this one today for 30 seconds and now it is stuck in my head) He is divorced and 55 I have no idea why?

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