Monday, October 5, 2009

Cutest Idea

I am already dreaming of Christmas Trees, Sparkling Lights, Stockings and Presents... but my favorite thing about the Christmas season is going to my mailbox and having it filled with Christmas cards from loved ones! I always have such a dilemma about what to do with these cards. One year I put them in a basket but they just got mixed up in the shuffle, one year I put them on our door frame and then realized it was a bit tacky and rather cluttered :) but this year I found the most perfect place for all of the Christmas cards I am going to get! I "stole/borrowed" this idea off of another blog, they are called Blessing Rings and I think they are wonderful! They do NOT have to be just for Christmas but any occasion, babies, birthdays, weddings, everyday sentiments, etc... Here is an example. I am going to make my own so I will post it when I am finished! They look pretty easy!

Here is the sweet saying that goes on the back of the card!

Here it is! It is crafted out of jewelry wire (Hobby Lobby sells them in gold and silver). Then you tie different ribbon coordinating with your theme and tie it on there. Punch Holes into any cards that you get and put about 10 cards in between each ribbon and VOILA you have a perfect blessing ring to keep all of your cards! ENJOY!

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The Lingley's said...

How adorable is that and owning a Scrapbook store i'm always looking for Holiday ideas to pass on and this one is too cute!! Thanks Chica!! i LOVE it!!