Sunday, October 11, 2009

Craft Mania

For some reason lately I have had these grandiose ideas (actually I usually do :) but I really have wanted to find something I am good at! My mom informed me today that I am good at everything I do (I think she is obligated to say things like that, she is my mom) I would love my own Etsy store or blog with personalized gifts! I am a FAR CRY away from that but it is fun dreaming and trying out new things. I am not quite sure what my niche is yet so I guess I will just dabble in different projects?
This weekend was low-key so I used as a weekend to experiment in some of my projects that are going to make me millions one day! haha
I tried out my first "mod podge" project with picture frames. This is an UNFINISHED project but it is a start. I am going to drill holes in the top and but a black wire ribbon on it. Cutting the edges and making the product looked "finished" is the hardest task. If anyone has any sugesstions let me know! (Sorry for the glare from the camera at top)
This is my second frame, I LOVE this paper for some reason. It looks shiny cause it is still drying. I would like to do the same ribbon except in a brown or cream.
Here are my trial "Memory Rings" as I mentioned in my previous post. They turned out more cute than functional. One problem that I can figure out.... when you punch the hole in the cards you put on the ring how do you fit it over the ribbon?
This one is for Tex and I for our Christmas cards!

Here is another view of it.
I made on for my friend the Moody's hence the "M"! Hope you like it!
I am going to continue to do different projects and hopefully get better with each one. You never know one day you might be ordering all of your gifts from ME! :) One can dream, right?


melbelle said...

Fun projects! I love the frames! There are probably other ways to finish the ribbons, but I bought a wood burning tool at either Joann or Hobby Lobby (or maybe Michael's?)...I think they're normally about $15 or $20 not on sale. It's usually used to carve wood or indent things in wood or something, but just put a scrap piece of glass underneath your ribbon, heat the wood tool, and use it to slice your ribbon. It will sear the edges so they don't fray and will make your frames look more finished. Hope that helps!!

melbelle said...

OK - just re-read your post and realized you totally were NOT talking about the ribbon edges! I think you're referring to the frame edges. Anyways...I would just suggest painting them before you do the front? Maybe just in a solid color - the color you're going to the ribbon in? And if that's not what you're referring to, please ignore me altogether! :)

The Lingley's said...

You wanna use an exacto knife on the edges to get a smoother cut and then possibly use a sanding block to take off any more roughness around the corners, then use a brayer to smooth out your glue so you don't have any bubbles in your paper... Oh and if you dont want that glossy finish on the frame stay away from Mod Podge... there's a much better glue that we sell here at our store, you can probably find it at Michaels or Jo Anns its called Neutral PH Adhesive which gives you a flat finish and it's used for Paper, Boards, Framing, Collaging, Bookbinding. Its one of my favorite glues I recommend it to all my customers to use. i LOVE the frame!! You did an AWESOME job!! Keep it up!