Saturday, October 24, 2009

We're Back!!! Family Vacation Part I

Well, we are back to reality and COLD weather! We had a wonderful time during our Family Vacation 2009 in Destin, Florida! Tex's whole family was there staying in a condo and we stayed at my mom's house with them! We enjoyed the beach, good food and shopping! Gone are the days of relaxing and sunbathing for hours on end.... but the look on the kids faces every time we hit the beach was worth it! We stayed busy the entire time so we are all exhausted but had a BLAST! We have LOTS of pics!!

Palmer and his very best friend and cousin Ethan (these two were the wild ones :)

The two sweetest girls, Katelyn and Ann Mason (these two are the easy ones :)
The kids and I trying to get a picture my mom's pool!

Mommy and her sweet girl!

Ann Mason at her best!

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