Friday, October 2, 2009

New Beginnings

There are some NEW things going on over at the Templeton household. Everyday is a new adventure and you never know what each day will hold! We have officially bought the "potty seat" I selfishly went for the seat that sits on the actual toilet versus those cute little pottys that sing a song when you flush them. I didn't think it sounded that cute to have to dump out the pee-pee when it was all filled up! So far Palmer will only sit on the potty when coerced with M&M's and he then proceeds to grunt and tell me "Momma don't work, don't work!" Supposedly there is a full-proof 3 day potty training system out there that works wonders... still trying to pick the right 3 days of my life to do that :)
Here is the potty boy himself!

Ok so this is big... Do you notice anything different on Ann Mason??? Do you see that cute little tiny white bow that is on her head, held on by her own lovely locks of hair!!!! To those who hate my headbands you are probably saying Hallelujah but no fear she will still be in those occasionally! She didn't have a bow on at Walmart today and I got asked 8 times how old "HE" was! From here on out it is nothing but girly bows and outfits! "SHE IS NOT A HE PEOPLE!"

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melbelle said...

Ann Mason is too cute! I get told all the time that I have a cute little boy...each time she's been wearing red! Since when did red become a boy color?? So I followed your lead and got Annie a couple little headband bows, too!