Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Good Luck Sara!

Today is the Annual Templeton Family picture taken by our great friend and wonderful photographer Sara Floyd! Over the years she has told me stories that have made me laugh till I cry about some of the families she has taken pictures of. I hope not to me the mom that loses it in the middle of the photo shoot, bribes my kids with everything but Disney or cries in a fit because I can't get the right shot :) Today we practiced a little in hopes we would make things easier for Sara. This is how it went, good luck to you Sara!
The Easy One (or so I think)

The Challenge! Rotten to the core but so stinking loveable!
His "I am going to cheese, but not look at you face"
I am trying to look innocent, but I am not!

The "I think I should get right up on the lens cause I am so cute"

Watching a movie and not listening to mommy!

The best one!

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