Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is Santa Coming After Naptime?

I am pretty sure I have broken every Cardinal Rule as a mom! ha! Including but definitely not limited to talking about Christmas and Santa 6 weeks before it actually happens! I normally love Christmas but I think with two little ones the Christmas Spirit is just SO much bigger for me!

Palmer asks everyday if Santa is coming after he wakes up from a nap! And everyday I respond that we have to have Turkey Day first and then a little bit after that Santa will come. Understanding a timeline for a 3 year old proves to be difficult, even for a 30 year old like me I don't always like time lines! haha

Palmer and I took a trip together today just the two of us to Target and then to get his haircut. The kid LOVES Target more than his mommy and I think we got 20 laughs from people hearing Palmer walk down every aisle gasping and saying, "OOOOOH my Gosh!" He loves it!

The little stinker persuaded me to "decorate" he really did say, Mom can we PLEEEEASE decorate today. So I did what every "good" mom would do and I gave in! So now we are completely decked out for Christmas minus our stockings! I am SO excited I don't know if I can even wait 6 more weeks!

The" Formal Tree"

With the Lights On!

The Mantel.... waiting on our AWESOME personalized stockings from Aunt Ashley

The "Kid" Tree! Ann Mason and Palmer LOVE it, it has all of their awesome kid ornaments and they just stare at it and say how cool it is! haha
These two during the chaos, they were SO excited! We even made sugar cookies with sprinkles!

We had a GREAT weekend I am sad to see it end! Palmer and Reid did GREAT at Despicable Me and I cried like a baby at the end of it! Ann Mason had an unexpected play date with Alex (Reid's younger brother) compliments of Nikki and it worked out great!

The outlets were a HUGE success, you would have thought I was on supermarket sweep! I ended up somehow buying WAY more stuff for myself, I don't understand how that always happens! ha!

Tex and I rented grown ups and cracked up! It is cute and pretty funny, definitely a rental but one that we could totally relate too!

I am ready to make it thru this 5 day work week and then have a 3 day work week and Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone had a GREAT weekend! Here's to the Holidays (just a little early!)

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