Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Card Out Takes!

Well, Christmas Cards are ordered and shipped! I LOVE giving and receiving Christmas cards, it is one of my favorite things about Christmas! I couldn't resist showing the out takes of our Christmas shots! It was FREEEEEEZING the day we decided to do pictures and poor Kimmie was so patient with us and so helpful! We didn't last very long due to the cold and having 2 little ones! haha I have really lowered expectations of going in to get pictures cause I learned that you can't control what these little guys are going to do so there is no point in worrying about it!
 This picture literally makes me laugh out loud! I seriously thought about using it as our Christmas Card picture cause this is just "us". I love the way Palmer and AM have their hands out and their faces like, "what are you crazies making us do" Sorry guys the things mommy tries to do to get some good shots is a bit ridiculous i.e. make you stand out in 40 degree weather! You will enjoy looking at them one day! haha
 Done, Done, Done.... I give up!
Total and complete meltdown! Only thing that would make her feel any better was that poor orange sucker! what a pitiful face!

Thanks Kimmie for helping us capture some photos of our family, PS these were the "out takes" we got some great photos!!!

We had two milestones at our house this month, Ann Mason turns 21 months and Palmer turns 3 1/2. It makes me sad and I know it shouldn't. I LOVE watching them grow and hear them say the funniest things but time is just going too fast I can't stand it! It is hard to believe that Ann Mason and Palmer are less than 21 months apart so that would mean at this time I would have a 2 week old newborn! YIKES!! haha Maybe one day, but for now I am enjoying these two every day!

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