Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Turkey Day, A Long Weekend and bunch of other random stuff!

I am at work trying to pretend to work but really just counting down the minutes until the LONG weekend! It's only 8:30 am, so I have some time! haha The kids and Tex are heading to Owensboro today without me to catch the movie Tangled and to hang out with some friends! As much as I wanted to go I had to work and I figured it wasn't fair to make them sit around all day especially since the kiddos are on pins and needles to see their mamaw, papaw, aunt, uncle and cousins! So I will be traveling tomorrow with Molly (our dog) in the morning for the big T-Day!

I am SO very thankful this year for everything God has provided us with, health, happiness and love. No matter what happens in life I know God has a plan and I am SO blessed with the most wonderful family in the world!  Here are a few things I am most thankful for :)
 This sweet/rambuncious/independent/sassy girl of mine! Currently she is going thru a MAJOR daddy spell and I am NOT allowed to do anything with her, just her Daddy. It is endearing but it also kills me at times! haha I know she will continue this going back and forth from wanting mommy to being a daddy's girl her whole life!
* Ann Mason JUMPED out of her crib this weekend! I was almost in tears, I was NOT prepared for my 21 month old escaping so quickly or trying to transition to a toddler bed! Luckily Tex found a solution and we dropped the mattress all the way to the floor while leaving the crib up. So far so good!
 This guy just has the mosy special place in my heart! He is my quirky/dependable/witty/loving/cautious boy! He told me the other night that I could always be his best friend! We seem to have a special bond that only mothers and their sons can have and I  hope it stays like that forever. We have taken to falling asleep together and my MOST favorite part of the day is when we lay in the bed and talk about anything from how our day went to Transformers! I cherish every conversation that we have together, every laugh that we share, it is amazing!
Of course I can't leave out my better half! haha After 11 years of being together (6 married) I love him more today than the day we got married! He is the most amazing dad and I LOVE watching him with the kids. I am SO thankful for a loving and caring husband who allows me to be me and knows how to handle my moods, emotions, etc... He really is my best friend and I am SO thankful for that everyday!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL thanksgiving day with their family, friends and loved ones!!! Be safe traveling and eat a lot, I am going too! ha!

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Sarah said...

Happy Thanksgiving Blake! You have such a beautiful family! I enjoy reading you blog so much and hearing about your two little cuties!!