Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful for Thanksgiving!

I am SO sad that this long weekend is already over!! The kids and Tex left for Owensboro early Wednesday to get a head start on the festivities and I had to work... but I got to visit with Jamie and see Baby Grayson's nursery and go out to eat at Chuy's the new Mexican restaurant here with my girlfriends. Chuy's is SO good! Can't wait to go back this week! haha

We had a BLAST in Owensboro for Thanksgiving and I think the kids will need to sleep for a week just to get rested up from all of the fun they had! I am pretty sure I could go all week without eating and be fine after all of the food I ate this weekend!
Tricia and I before the big feast!
The kiddos gearing up to eat!!!

 Sweet Katelyn and Ann Mason!
 Just a glimpse into the chaos that ensues at Mamaw's house 24/7
 Papaw and Ann Mason having a serious talk on the couch, she LOVES papaw!
My handsome guy trying to smile for a picture for mom!

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving and safe travels! Palmer asked if Christmas was "just around the corner" I guess it is!!


Amanda Gregory said...

We love Chuy's. Next time ask for the creamy jalapeno ranch to dip your chips in. So yummy.

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