Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween (a few days late...)

I'm a little late on posting about Halloween! We just survived all four of us having the stomach flu at the exact same time! It was AWFUL, someone was getting sick around the clock! I think today I have officially done about 20 loads of laundry! Usually it happens in intervals but this time it hit hard and fast and we all got caught :) I am thankful it is OVER!!!

This past Halloween weekend was AWESOME!  I have never been too into Halloween but I think I am starting to really like it! Maybe it is seeing how much fun the kiddos have and how exciting it is for them, that alone makes me want to go all out on Halloween next year! ha!
Here is the firefighter and his dalmatian... they were party goers all weekend! Our first stop was to a party thrown by our pediatrician! It was awesome and Radio Disney was there and the kids had a blast!

 Ann Mason tweaking her costume a little!
 My Handsome, Happy Fireman! I love this kid!
 This little stinker LOVED Halloween and all of the candy!
 The kids pediatrician center (as Cinderella) and all of her staff! She has a costume designer that works on her costumes for months!
 Daddy and his little Dalmatian! This girl has him wrapped around her little finger!
 More sweets!

 The Fierce Foursome! Ann Mason, Palmer, Reid and Alex. They think they are cousins and I love it!

My sweet trick or treaters!

This year was so much fun! It was the first year that both kids were able to really get into dressing up and trick or treating. We had a blast and I just loved watching them have so much fun!!! Now as Palmer says "On to Turkey Day!"

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