Thursday, November 18, 2010

Old Best Friends, New Best Friends

Kelly, my best friend since we were 15 came in with her daughter from Nashville on Tuesday to visit!!! Caroline is just about 10 days younger than Ann Mason and she is a DOLL! It is so amazing to see our daughters playing together and thinking back to the days when we would lay in my bed at 15 and dream of what our lives would be like! God is good and has blessed us both in many ways!~ I don't think at 15 we could have ever grasped the struggles that we would have to face or the joy that we have been blessed with! Thru it all I think we turned out just fine! haha I LOVED that Caroline came to visit, I just want to squeeze her precious, beautiful face! Her and Palmer seemed to really like each other! haha! I don't think Ann Mason liked some one liking her bubby! :) It was a great time! I hope Caroline and Ann Mason can share as many memories and special moments as their moms have!
 Caroline deciding if she likes popcorn!
 Just Joking Around
 Our Goodbye Hug (or tackle)
The stud and his little lady friend!

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