Monday, December 6, 2010

Tis the Season....

I have definitely been MIA on the blogging scene lately! It seems the weeks get busier and shorter at the same time! ha! We have been gearing up for Christmastime! The kids are at such a fun age, especially Palmer so this year I have tried to start traditions and really make the spirit of Christmas evident in everything we do!

This past week was a blast! I caught up with old friends and celebrated special occasions and spent the weekend just hanging out with Tex and the kids, it was a much needed reprieve from the work week! Here are some of the special things we have been doing for Christmas.

One of the things I most proud of Palmer for doing, is donating SO many toys from his playroom to the less fortunate. We talked to him about some kids not having a lot of toys and he was so generous in packing up a Rubbermaid tub full of toys to give to a charity. I hope this continues throughout the years. If anyone knows of a good charity to give the toys to, let me know. I called Kosairs Children's Hospital since we have stayed there twice and played in their playrooms, I thought it would be great to donate to the playrooms but because of the infection risk, etc... they must be new toys so they referred me to the Ronald McDonald House, Wayside Christian Mission and a few others. Hopefully we can help out at least one this year!

For ANY parents with kids you have to visit the portable north pole website... here is the link to the message I did for Ann Mason
Surprisingly enough one of the kiddos favorite Christmas movies is the Elf! Ha! I love this movie so I love the fact that they do. I think we seriously had to rewind the burping scene no less than 5 times for Palmer!

We have brought out buddy the elf again this year and Palmer isn't as scared of him as he was last year! He thinks it is cool that he is friends with Santa and can tell him what a good boy he has been!
 When I was at Hallmark this Black Friday I found these awesome recordable books! We got Twas the Night Before Christmas and Papaw and Mamaw are going to read and record it for the kids. It is so neat because once they record their voices all the kids have to do is flip the page and it keeps on reading, I can't wait to keep this for years!
 I am SO pumped that all of the classic Christmas movies are back and popular again! We have worn Rudolph and Frosty out! Palmer and Ann Mason LOVE them, I want to get the whole collection soon! It brings back so many memories watching those old movies!
 Ashley got all of our stockings monogrammed and I love them! They look so great hanging on our mantel!
 The "kid" Christmas tree has been another tradition and I am loving finding ornaments that signify their year and Neenie has been a HUGE help in supplying some great Kid ornaments!
 And of course the "formal" tree which Ann Mason has demolished at least once a day, I have repaired more ornaments than I care to mention! Maybe next year she will be out of her destructive phase!
We hope everyone is enjoying their December and getting ready for Christmas! I think my shopping is done but there is still wrapping for sure (one of my least favorite things to do) if I could get away with gift bagging everything i would! haha

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