Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3rd Annual Bass Pro Shop Santa Trip and a Baptism!

We had a BUSY but GREAT weekend! It was full but full of great times and memories! I am LOVING Christmas this year even more than in the years past, it is so much fun having little ones that get SO excited about every little thing, I just want to freeze these moments so I never forget their awe and how much they really, truly believe!

This was our 3rd annual trip to the Bass Pro Shop's Winter Wonderland with the Cook Family. Don't ask me how we ended up making this a tradition but it has become one and we love it! Apparently the Bass Pro Shop has gotten some recognition for this winter wonderland cause with each year it gets more and more packed and the lines are longer! Ashley, Joe and Belle joined us this year and it was great to have them along! 
Here is Belle waiting in the long lines to see Santa for the very first time!

This picture cracks me up! Annie get your gun! There is nothin like a girl all dressed up with her pink rifle! haha She even holds it like a pro!

Trying to get a "nice" picture of her all dressed up! She got a TON of Christmas' dresses from Mamaw so we have been trying to get good use out of all of them!

Ashley and Belle on her very first Christmas!

Palmer and his best friend/pretend cousin Reid! These two melt my heart, they are SO alike and just love being together!

Best Friends waiting to go sit on Santa's lap! Gone are the days when I dress Palmer in cute little khakis, button down shirts and vests! Notice he is wearing CAMO pants of all things, I lost that battle miserably! I guess he fit right in at the Bass Pro Shop!

3 Years of seeing Santa together it is hard to believe how fast they are growing!

Apparently Ann Mason HATES Santa again for the second year in a row! We have pretty much this same pic from last year except they are a year younger! haha Maybe next year she will start liking that guy :)

On Sunday we got to witness something very special! My niece Jillian accepted Jesus as her Savior and was baptized! It was so sweet and special and I was so lucky we all got to share in this moment with her! I can't believe she is 8 already! Here she is ready to go!


Right after being emerged, I love her face!

As another special treat we got to watch Mia sing with her Sunday school class, they did awesome!

Of course they couldn't resist holding precious Belle! They are REALLY close to having a new little sister of their own!

Jillian looks like she is ready for her upcoming role as Big Sister for the second time!

I still have Christmas Cards that need to be sent and presents to wrap but other than that we are READY for Santa!!! If I can just make it thru these next few work weeks I will be SO happy!

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