Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Family Fun Weekend

January kicked off yet another one of my living with purpose ideas.... I want to travel more. By travel I wish I meant to white sandy beaches foreign countries but as a mom of 3 little ones under 6 it means hopping in the mini van and getting to the best destination within 2 hours of hour house :)
January's Family Fun Weekend started in Louisville! Louisville was the kid's first home and now it is more like a second home to us. We LOVE going to visit and seeing our forever friends there. We even splurged and got a hotel with an indoor pool! WOOHOO!
First stop was to meet baby Linley. Jamie and I go WAAAAY back, like Best Big and Lil Award for our Sorority!!! (hee hee I couldn't resist) Jamie is the friend that even though you lives miles away there never feels like any distance between us. I was so excited to see big brother Grayson and new sweet baby Linley. Can you tell the girls liked her? 
Oh Wait! Aunt Blakers LOVED her a lot!!! It is good for me to get my baby fixes and walk away :) 
Chandler actually was the one that was obsessed with Linley, wanting to hold and just point at her face!
After time with the Elmers we thought it would be fun to take the kids to the old Spaghetti Factory. They loved it! They may or may not have annoyed the people eating in the trolley train by walking thru it about 5 times!!
Ann Mason and I getting ready to enjoy a GOOD meal! 
This captures ol Chanlder right now. Enamored, Obsessed, In Awe of her daddy!!! All Daddy, All the time!  
And of course my precious guy, this kid wont take a "serious" picture to save his life! 
It seems like this is tradition now, the kids LOVE to ride the luggage carrier. Are we the only crazy people? I was horrible at taking pictures. Saturday night after dinner we got to see our dear friends Nikki and Jon and their two boys. They graciously came to the hotel and went swimming!! It was so good to see them but bittersweet because I forgot how much we missed them! Sunday morning we got up and headed over to the Prather's house for  some play time! My kids LOVE the Prather's house it is like Toys R Us! haha
Other than family fun weekend it has kind of been bummer winter month! It has snowed and iced and snowed and ice to the point where Palmer didn't go to school for 6 straight days. I am SO over this weather, I want flip flops and a tan!
Here are the girls in their toboggans and coats. They only lasted about 5 minutes! 
And while this picture does look pretty once you see it everyday for the last month you dream about blue skies, sunshine and green grass!! Bring on the Spring! 

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