Monday, February 24, 2014


Life has been crazy full! Wonderfully full, chaotic, blessed, stressful and all of the above. I guess that is life, right? My firecracker Ann Mason turned 5 on the 16th. It just cemented the fact that time passes way to quickly!! FIVE always seems like a hard birthday for me. We are stepping away from toddler/preschool years and venturing off into elementary school and it just seems like a big jump especially to this momma's heart!
Oh Ann Mason there are NO words to describe your spunk, enthusiasm, passion, opinions and SASS!!! There are days where I feel I am doing an injustice because I don't know how to take all of your boldness, awesomeness and sass and direct it towards the good in everything. I was so the opposite of you when I was little and I am in awe of what a big personality you are capable of even at the age of 5!
Most little girls turning five are into princesses or crafts. You are in to chevron and monograms! Seriously?? I know this is part of idolizing your amazing 11 year old cousin. Thank goodness Katelyn is a saint and has the heart of gold and is the best possible example I could have ever picked for you because she is your role model in every way!
This year was our "off" year on having a big birthday party so Ann mason invited two of her best girl friends to swim and then go back to our house for chevron cake and presents. It was perfect!
 KK, Ann Mason and Annie Kate
Momma and the birthday girl! Swimming in February you realize how much some vitamin D would make you feel 100 times better!

The chevron cookie cake, she LOVED it!

The cake shot! Sweet, sweet girls!
This is Ann Mason in the after math of her presents which included but was not limited to a new wand (to beach wave curl her five year old hair!) a chevron monogrammed scarf (because every five year old should have one, a monogrammed chevron ipod cover (again just what every 5 year old asks for... I should also make a statement clear here. The ipod is used and Santa scored it for $50, we are not that family!! A purse, a new outfit and some $$$ cold hard cash! She got all dressed up and we took her friends to the mall to go spend some of her birthday money and Palmer saw her like this and said "Wow, Annie you look like you are going to Hollywood!" I thought I would die. Sweetest thing ever!

And..... when she woke up the next morning she had a power wheels Cadillac escalade surprising her in the middle of the living room! (another AMAZING score by mommy and daddy. I was SO excited that my boss gave us this for FREE because she was moving!!) Ann Mason about died, she LOVED it. It is awesome, equipped with leather seats, radio and two seat belts. This scene happened all morning before church! Her and Chandler did not move from the car! This may be one of my favorite pics EVER!

Did I mention Neenie and Pop were here which made the whole weekend that more AMAZING! We had the very best time in the whole world!!! I swear yall I do try and take pictures of Palmer but he refuses and is too busy memorizing every stat of every NBA player imaginable!!! He is still momma's boy but he will not take his picture!!

Sunday Ann Mason had to show off her new ride so she went and picked up her buddy Annie Kate down the street. I have a feeling this wont be the last time these two are up to no good in a car!!!

I loved this! They were laughing and giggling the whole ride!
It was just an awesome weekend with both mine and Tex's family celebrating Ann Mason's birthday and just being together!!! I definitely sat back and relished in the moment, we are very blessed!

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