Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cousins, Cousins, Cousins....

Palmer has been a busy, busy boy this weekend!!! We started with a road trip to Owensboro to visit Mamaw, Papaw, Uncle Johnny, Aunt Tricia and Cousins Ethan and Katelyn! Boy, was that exciting as always :) Katelyn and Ethan LOVE "baby Palmer"! Since Palmer has started crawling and walking around things he can hold his own a little better which is a relief to me since I am constantly wondering where he is and if he is going to hurt himself :) They had a great time playing together and seeing each other. Ethan still has some "uncrontrollable" love for Palmer where he feels the need to grab his face or hug him in what resembles more of a choke hold :) but at the end of the weekend everyone has survived and had a great time!!!
This is the start of bath time. Everyone seems to be in order and having a good time!
This is when Palmer realizes that his cousins might be crazy and he is ready to exit the tub! The following pictures are too much to show! Palmer had a mini meltdown! haha

Well, after the weekend in Owensboro Aunt Kiki, Cousin Jillian and Cousin Mia made a very special trip up to Louisville to visit! We always love when they come, we miss them so much! Our first stop was the Mall where I have found that Pottery Barn Kids is not only a store but a source of amusement for many kids of all ages! After PBK we were off to see the Easter Bunny! I was SO excited, I thought since the whole Santa thing went over so well that the Easter Bunny would be a breeze! Boy, was I wrong! I guess the whole costume was a little overwhelming! It didn't seem to faze Jillian though! After recouping from the trauma of the Easter bunny we rounded all 3 kids and headed to Panera to get some food to go! We went back to our house and after hours of eating, playing, making rice krispie treats, singing and dancing to Hannah Montana we had to sadly call it a night!
It is always fun hanging out with family!! Kylena thanks for always coming up to visit, we love when you all do!! Palmer is still exhausted!

Palmer and Jillian with the Easter Bunny!

Jillian and Mia with thier "bunny ears" on! (Palmer is still crying from the Easter Bunny)

Thanks to Aunt Kiki, Uncle Mark, Jillian and Mia, Palmer now has his first PBK's Anywhere Chair and he LOVES it!!! He has been sitting in it since it arrived :)
EASTER is only 5 more days away!!!

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sara said...

Isabella is jealous of the PBK chair. She wants one from Gigi. Palmer's is too cute. I love the green color, too. The bathtub meltdown pictures made me crack up.