Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Birthday Fun!

Ann Mason survived her first birthday with flying colors! She was such a trooper, I couldn't believe how well she did! There were so many pictures (102!) that I just chose a couple for the blog. As much as we enjoyed every minute and I LOVED decorating in girly colors we may decide to host our birthday parties out of our house next year! haha All of the parents decided we just need to buy a warehouse and pad the walls and rent it out of birthday parties, I bet we could make a lot of money! I couldn't have asked for a better day for Ann Mason, she loved every minute of it!

Me, Neenie, Aunt Ashley and Ann Mason
The Proud Parents, We survived her first year!

I tried everything to get her to eat her cake! Apparently she is like her mom and doesn't like the icing and just likes the cake part!

Singing Happy Birthday and Palmer waiting to blow out her candle for her!

The sweetest birthday girl ever!!!

Some of the decor... remind me, what was I think having a sugar buffet for 10 kids?

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