Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mini Me's

Palmer and Ann Mason had one of the busiest play weekends of their lives! We headed to Owensboro and spent Saturday at Mamaw and Papaw's playing with their cousins. Then we headed to the Cart's for a little reunion to celebrate Tex's birthday and watch all of our "mini me's" play together. One of our friends from college was there to surprise Tex and we were laughing so hard because he couldn't figure out how we managed to have so many babies since the last time we saw him! He said they needed name tags, there were 5 kids and Palmer was the oldest! Pretty soon there will be 2 more new babies to add to the brood! We had a blast and it made us so thankful for the friendships we have made! Thanks guys!

The Fierce Foursome... they are inseparable! Lindsey and Chris' little boy
Bennett, he is SO beautiful!

Cannon, Tatum and Pamler they were quite a site that night!

Tatum C, she could be the funniest kid I have ever met!
Cannon the sweetest boy you will ever meet! I love this kid!

This is just one out of the 5 videos I took that night. The kids played "Ring around the Rosie" it was Palmer's first time and he loved it! They were instant best friends just like their parents!

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