Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I know I have been a little MIA lately on the blog! I miss it! We have been slightly busy to say the least! We took off Friday and picked up this....

I am pretty sure (I know I have said this before) but I don't ever want to move again! We had a 24' Semi and my mini van packed so tight it was ridiculous! How do we have SO much stuff? Tex and I worked our tails off packing and loading and cleaning! Even though it was bittersweet it definitely was a HUGE relief to have our old home cleaned, cleared out and keys turned in!

When we got home the unpacking started. Thankfully we had wonderful friends come over (including our neighbor who Tex knows but I just met) help us unpack. It was slightly chaotic and I felt like stuff was flying everywhere but none the less it was unpacked that night! Now the real unpacking didn't start right away, it was so bad and crazy I didn't know where to start :)

On top of moving with 2 kiddos this little girl had been acting NOT herself for the past week! She had been on amoxicillian for 10 days but something still seemed off. So Saturday we took a trip to the Owensboro Hospital lab and stayed there for 45 minutes drinking 20 oz of Sprite and singing Jesus Loves Me until Annie could finally pee-pee in the potty! Luckily, the urinalysis came back clean...

Here is Annie thinking this whole pee-pee thing was a blast!
 The next morning she woke up with a 102 fever so we made another trip to the Urgent Care and found out that she still had a double ear infection and also another infection from the antibiotic! Thankfully they were wonderful, fast and prescribed a heavy duty 5 day antibiotic that has finally made my baby girl act like herself again!

In the meantime, she kind of potty trained herself! I don't want to speak too soon but we are on day 3 of wearing underwear even at school, she has done great so far! We shall see :)

It hasn't been all work (mostly work:) but we did find time to play with our cousins in our backyard! It feels so good to say that! Not having a yard for 2 years was definitely challenging with kids and that is one thing that I looked most forward to when we moved! Watching them run and play was definitely the highlight of my weekend!
Palmer, Annie and their cousins playing with the hose and water table!

Things are coming together slowly but surely my most productive time is at night when the kiddos go to bed and I can actually unpack and organize which I love to do! We LOVE our home and I feel so blessed everyday we get to live there! I am liking Owensboro and my job and I love how you can get anywhere in 5 minutes. I have to admit though I am pretty homesick and miss a lot about Louisville and the people and friends there. I know it will get better and it is just a short drive anytime I feel like going!

So, things are starting to feel a little more settled and normal! I have most of the house unpacked minus the kids closets. Decorating is a different story but that is going to take a while and I am fine with that!
So for anyone that wants to come to the big O our doors are officially open!

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