Monday, August 29, 2011

Owensboro Hot Spots

Well, this weekend was great! Other than the adjusting and some hiccups with the kiddos and all of us trying to adjust to our new routine we really did have a lot of fun. Tex is bound and determined to show us all of the fun hot spots in Owensboro or rather all of the spots he went when he grew up!

We started with the going to KK's game at the ball field! The kids had a blast playing in the dirt and Palmer even ran into his "best friend" from school. It was too cute. Michael (Palmer's new bff) had even told him mom that Palmer was his best friend too so I am glad it is mutual :) They had so much fun playing and running and getting dirty!
This pretty much sums up Annie in Owensboro right now. It is all about Papaw and no one else! She is a stinker and knows how to work the system. Her and Papaw are pretty tight, he even paints her fingernails and toenails!

Our next stop I was looking SO forward too. We were going to the Big Dipper. Apparently the Big Dipper is only open in the summer and fall and serves literally THE BEST everything! You walk up or drive thru and then you sit on picnic benches in the parking lot. No restrooms was my only reservation :) haha I think I ate enough for the whole weekend. Cheeseburgers, onion rings, ice cream, etc..! We had about 15 of us and the kids LOVED it! It has been an Owensboro fav for years and it did not dissapoint!

Right behind it is the infamous Moonlite BBQ, you know Owensboro is known for bbq, right? They even have a bbq festival! :)

Here are the kiddos waiting for all of their greasy and delicious food on the picnic table they were on cloud 9!

The rest of the weekend was spent doing things around the house. At one point my husband had the chainsaw out cutting down all of the overgrown trees outside. You can see our windows and house now, I can't wait to share before and after pictures!
We had some of our friends over Saturday night and it was a great night!! The kids played and we talked out on the patio and I think everyone had fun! Apparently without knowing we hit the jackpot on awesome neighborhoods. We have the kind of neighborhood where the neighbors have neighborhood block parties, kids are out playing flash light tag in your back yard way past their bed times and this one I can't even make up... we were walking last night and Mr. Draper (who is probably 80) literally stopped us and asked the kids to come in the back we sat on his porch and he went in and got two truffle chocolates for both kiddos and made his wife come out and we sat there and talked to them for 30 minutes! Who does that anymore? Him and his wife have 5 kids, 10 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren and said they miss the sound of kids playing in the backyard. Those are the kinds of things that are unexpectedly wonderful!!

More pics to come!!!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

I Love your Owensboro updates! Sounds like you guys are settling in well and getting to know your neighbors. You have the perfect neighborhood- how wonderful! We miss you guys!!