Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Christmas Kind of Night....

Well, dad had to work late last night so I decided to make it a fun night for the kids and do MORE Christmas stuff :) We are really getting all we can out of this holiday! ha! I love to watch their faces and how excited they get, but I must admit Palmer's questions are becoming harder and harder to answer! I think there needs to be a guide book on Santa, elves, which one is the "real" santa and not the "mall" santa, etc... He has stumped me a few times. I hope I still have a few more years before he realizes I have no idea what I am talking about :)

I have been under the weather but am starting to feel better thanks to my good ol antibiotics! It is pretty bad when my whole face is chapped and peeling from blowing my nose so much! Last night made me feel a lot better, I think I enjoy these nights just as much as the kiddos!

First we made Frosty Cookies. I know bribery is BAD but it WORKS :) The kids ate their WHOLE meal and asked for seconds because they wanted to eat Frosty Cookies! Heck YEAH!
My dear friend sent the sweetest gift to the kiddos! The Classic Christmas Movies! I am SO pumped about it too, I love these! The kids and I had a picnic dinner and then ate our cookies on the floor too and watch the movie!

I think the MOST exciting part of the night was the fact that BUDDY came this morning! I am SUCH a bad mom but somehow in the move we have misplaced buddy's hat and book, I know they are somewhere :) So I told the kids since Daddy wasn't going to be home he called Buddy and asked if he could fly down tonight to watch over us

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