Monday, December 12, 2011

Moving on Up!

So, I am moving away from Christmas topics for just a day! I have been a BAD blogger lately! The stomach flu hit our house for the 3rd time in a month! Seriously? At least this strand was thankfully really weak! We had a good weekend minus the occasional sickness. We did some more Christmas activities and went and looked at Christmas lights, baked cookies, went to a church Christmas play, etc... I am telling ya after this Holiday we are going to be lost for things to do! ha! Oh and we painted Palmer's room, he is SO excited! Pics to come...

So off Christmas topic... I consider myself semi-girly. I am not trendy but I like clothes, I don't read fashion magazines or know the latest styles but I keep up and am ok with my every day look :) I am basically most comfortable in a black shirt (ok turtleneck) jeans and boots and maybe some big, cute earrings. One thing I am horrible at is beauty products! I LOVE them but I think I am too cheap and feel too guilty to buy a bunch of new beauty products even though secertly I wish I could buy all of them!  Now if someone gave me tons of money to spend and showed me what to buy I would be a kid in a candy store!

One of my friends is the QUEEN of all beauty products. I am talking I walk into her "getting ready" room and don't want to leave because she has so much stuff to go on your face, in your hair, on your body! haha I have to ask what everything is, even taking a shower at her house is heaven because of all of the amazing products she has! So with a little help from her and mainly me going blindly into Sephora last weekend. I have now offically replaced all of my maybeline, revlon, cover girl make up with new make up that has sassy names and costs a lot more money :) I don't know if it is the placebo effect but I LOVE my new make up, so I wanted to share in case there are any other beauty product challenged women that read my blog :)
First off is Mascara. I LOVE mascara if I could only pick one beauty product to ever wear it would be this! I think it does wonders! So I had originally been given a sample of the badgal lash and I loved it! So when I went to sephora I bought the big bottle of it! It is not clumpy and thickens and legthens your lashes, I love it!

Lip Butter, I LOVE this stuff! I am ocd for chap stick, lip balm, etc... and this stuff is amazing. It is light, non greasy and a light color that you can wear day and night. It is called Lip Butter by Korres in Jasmine.

That Gal by benefits has a face primer? What is a face primer? I probably still don't know but it makes my skin glow and I swear it keeps the make up on longer and better! I only have a sample of this stuff but I plan on buying the big size when it runs out.

Next is foundation... I mean look how pretty this bottle is! Fancy, huh? :) This is called Two Faced and it is an oil free liquid foundation with spf. I LOVE it, it is full coverage without the weight! The sales lady at Sephora probably picked up quickly on my deer in headlight eyes as I combed the store and she headed me straight to this, it feels awesome every time I put it on!

I stumbled upon this little gem at my friends house that has all of the beauty products. It is an eye liner from stila. It is amazing and amazingly permanent, be careful! I love it and it stays on forever, a little goes a long way!

Love Sugarbomb by Benefits. It is a blush/bronzer It gives off an iridescent glow and is really natural!

Next is my new MAC eye shadow. If I had been a few hundred dollars richer that day I would have picked up about 15 of these little round jackpots and some of those ridiculously expensive brushes you put it on with. I mean why are those things $36? That is crazy to me, I just use my finger. I am not even joking! I know it is terrible, I am almost embarrassed to admit that but it takes baby steps for me :) I love MAC eye shadows, they wear great and last forever so it is definitely worth the money!

So these are my new found beauty products that I love. It is so fun to buy and put on new make up, maybe I am more girly than I thought. Too bad I don't have something that would give me an instant tan and make me look 15 pounds lighter but for now these products will help get me thru the winter blues!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

I must try that foundation and eyeliner! Thanks for the ideas :)