Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Real Reason for the Season and a Ugly Cry

   I had an ugly cry last night. I am not sure if I am just overwhelmed or the fact that I was cleaning up after the stomach bug hit our house AGAIN Sunday for the 3rd time in a month but it was UGLY and Tex was the witness. I just had a moment where I lost it, for some reason I have just felt so behind this Christmas season, total Mommy Slacker! My Christmas cards JUST went out today (GASP!), presents still need to be wrapped, the fridge is all but empty with my parents coming in 2 days, teachers presents aren't finished, the house needs a major cleaning overhaul and then I realized in the middle of my ugly cry that....
He doesn't care if all of that "fluff" stuff is done and really no one else does either. I think sometimes we I can put a lot of pressure on myself to try to do a million things that in all reality just aren't really that necessary and really if they didn't get done it wouldn't make a huge difference. The important thing this season is to remember the true meaning of Christmas which is Jesus. To spend time with my family and children without worrying about the 50 things I "should" be doing because in the end all that really matters is the time spent with each of them. I love that my kids are learning about Jesus in church and school. Annie is OBSESSED with Jesus's Major (aka manger, she calls it major though) she LOVES it and wants a nativity scene so bad and wants to hug and kiss baby Jesus all of the time.

So this year I might not win any awards for best teachers gifts and my Christmas Cards will definitely be the last to arrive and my presents might look like a 5 year old wrapped them but these are such insignificant worries compared to what Mary and Joseph must have felt that night!

So, for now I am going to sit back and take a deep breathe and try and remember the important things rather than all of the other things that can get in the way! I hope everyone has an AMAZING Christmas filled with JOY, LOVE and PEACE this year! Merry Christmas!

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Sarah said...

Oh Blake, thanks for that reminder! I really needed to read that today. I have been feeling the same way this year. In fact, I haven't been in the Christmas Spirit at all. I think I have only turn my Christmas tree lights on twice since it has been up and my Christmas cards just went out yesterday! I feel so behind and overwhelmed it is ridiculous!! Maybe if I take the time to focus more on Jesus everything else will fall into place.