Tuesday, January 15, 2013


January has kicked our tails in the sick department! Poor baby Chandler has had the flu, the stomach bug and RSV in a month!!! I just took Ann Mason to the dr today and she has a viral infection. Palmer has had the stomach bug, etc.... you get my drift. Between rotating shifts at work between me, Tex and the fam, running kiddos to and from the dr office, disinfecting the house, it has been a whirlwind couple of weeks!

I am ready for warmer weather and healthier kiddos! We have managed to have fun in between the bouts of being on lock down at the house. Here are some of the things that the New Year has brought us...

Palmer started his first Upwards basketball league! Tex is the coach and his two best buds are on his team. He LOVES it and really enjoys playing! They are cute and hilarious! It is definitely a nice way to start the day on Saturday watching the cuties shoot hoops!

This pic cracks me up with the fake smile! This girl continues to be a diva and the outfits are getting more and more crazy! She has a vision and likes to stick to it :) I try and persuade her as much as possible but it doesn't always work. The more bling the better for her!

This was Ann Mason the morning after we went to Walmart and she found the most "ADORABLES" (as she puts it) scarf and HAD to have it! She let me tie it all cute and everything, she even wore it to school all day like that! I must admit I think I have just as much fun or more fun that she does getting her ready!

Poor Baby Chan Chan! She is still the sweetest, most smiling, most cuddly baby in the world. I could literally eat her up and do on a daily basis! Since she has been so sick and on so much pedialyte I decided to try cereal and a few solids just to supplement. She is not a fan just yet. She wont open her mouth for anything! :) We will wait a few weeks and try again! She is so stinking cute though, I don't care!
My big girl sits and plays in her excersaucer all of the time now and loves it! I really, really am struggling with her getting bigger, I want her to be my bitty baby forever :) She truly is the sweetest baby ever and she is pretty much adored by everyone in the house! haha
Ann Mason finally started gymnastics and LOVES it! I think she likes the outfit as much as actually doing it but still... I knew it was really important for her to have her "own" thing these days so I am so glad she enjoys it and it is just more time that her and I can go together and spend some quality time with each other!

So even though it has been a sick month we have still managed to stay busy and have fun! More pics and posts to come!!!

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