Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making memories

Well I have finally caught whatever is going around my house and it is not fun! I have a sinus and double ear infection and it feels more like the flu! I am home with both girls which doesn't really qualify for relaxing...
Despite the sickness we have tried to have fun being couped up in the house with crafts, games, coloring, etc... Ann Mason has really taken an interest in whnoen mommy and daddy got married. she wants to watch the video, ask questions and the other night she begged me to try on my wedding dress. I was secretly thrilled I always wanted my daughter to ask me that but I didn't know it would be when she was three :)
I never got my dress persevered like I should have but then we wouldn't have started a new tradition :) thanks to pinterest going to take the girls pictures in my wedding dress every year on our anniversary and then we they get married I can give them the pictures! It was such a special moment when Ann Mason looked at me in my wedding dress for the first time... Priceless!!!  Here we are having some dress up fun!

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Sarah Strader said...

Love this!! If my dress wasn't preserved I would have to do this!! Hope you guys get to feeling better soon! BTW, I have a new blog address.