Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Breakfast with Santa and Ugly Santa

I don't know if we have had a lot of full moons lately, being cooped up in our house or the anticipation of Santa but my kids have been off the chain lately! Like balls to the walls CRAZY maniacs! It is almost like their little bodies are having out of body experiences and they can't stop! This weekend was NO exception. We made it thru though! First stop Saturday morning was breakfast with Santa. Let me just tell you that we had about 15 meltdowns and 10 threats of not even going but we pulled it together for a pic with the big guy! 

My buddy and I eating our free donuts.

Ann Mason and I trying to smile, we had a tough morning (just being real here folks)

Bad morning, what? Whose stressed? This girl is a HOOT! She is SO happy about EVERYTHING!

The best our family had to offer that morning! haha

Let's just say it was one of those mornings that after Breakfast with Santa was over our WHOLE (including me and Tex) were taking naps by 9:45 am!!!
After naps everyone seemed to be having a better day!
Annie got to go to her best friend Addy's birthday party and paint a hair brush, it was so fun!
Then Saturday we were off to our first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! I made Oreo Balls. Let me tell you that pinterest lies! When they say easy it means disaster!~ These looked terrible, embarrassingly terrible like a five year old made them but they were SO tasty!
Can you believe I actually took these out in public?
This is what they were supposed to look like? Seriously, what is wrong with me that I can't make an oreo ball?

Here we are in our tackiest of Christmas wear. It was SO fun!

Some of the girls! We had a great time and enjoyed all of the good food and company!
My spirits are a little brighter. I got my hair cut and colored last night (which doesn't that always make a girl feel better) AND picked up the very last presents for Christmas! Even got some wrapped. I feel a little more prepared today!

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