Thursday, December 19, 2013

Redneck Polar Express

We didn't do the traditional polar express with tickets, real trains, etc... let's be real money is tight this time of year and you have to improvise ;) In comes the mini-van, pjs, hot coco and Christmas music on the radio! The kids were super pumped last night and it was just such a nice night with just our sweet family really getting in to the Christmas spirit! There is one neighborhood where we live that just goes above and beyond on the decorations.We stop and get out and always look at everything, it is just amazing!
Palmer and Ann Mason by Santa and Ms. Clause

Palmer making his silly face at the north pole sign!

If you look closely Chandler, Me, Palmer and Ann Mason are standing at the entrance of "toyland"

They LOVE baby Jesus every year. We are really trying to keep the Christ in Christmas with really trying to talk about the true meaning of Christmas almost every night!

Sassy pants posing and SO happy! They loved it so much!

The best decorated house in our city! This doesn't do it justice!!! Chandler even loved the lights she just pointed the whole time!
I love these sweet  memories with the kids, it was just a great night and we are SO ready to see family and celebrate Christmas!!!

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