Thursday, December 12, 2013

In a Nut Shell

Oh goodness! I have no excuse and a million excuses of why I haven't posted in 3 weeks! To be honest I am just feeling a little overwhelmed. Not necessarily in a bad way but more of just how did it get to be 13 days away from Christmas, where has the year gone, how did this happen, I have so much to do but not really that much to do kind of overwhelmed. Despite how over or under whelmed I am feeling from day to day life still goes on and I have three very spirited children that make sure that when my feet hit the ground I don't stop running....
So.... LONG over due here is what The Templeton's have been doing since our DC trip in a nut shell
Chandler tried cheese fries at Ritzy's and stinking loved them! A girl after my own heart. Carbs and Cheese!

I interviewed for a job for the first time in 10 years!! This is my old State Farm boss who is like family. I made it thru the first interview to possibly own my own State Farm agency one day!

This girl gets funnier and cuter every day. She learned how to "cheese" and this is what we get every time we take a pic!

My son is a Picasso! He seriously is in first grade and draws amazing with so much detail! He LOVES drawing, LOVES school and is just so awesome! haha He is a momma's boy!

Well, let's see where to start here... Oh yeah, so first Ann Mason ran into the door knob (for the second time in her life) and gave herself a black eye (I can't make this stuff up!) THEN she CUT HER OWN HAIR at 5:50 am in the morning and looked like Joe Dirt. Business in the front, Party in the back! I was so asleep when she came in and confused by what was going on that I really didn't have a reaction. My lag time was way off!

In between the hair debacle I got to go eat Thanksgiving lunch with my buddy Palmer. This kid has my heart!

Back to the hair debacle! Mr. Steve our hair guy came to the rescue. Ann Mason got a bob and her bangs evened out. I guess you could say we may the best out of a bad situation. I keep hearing it could be so much worse and how great she did cutting her own hair!
After Joe Dirt she looked a whole lot like Julia Roberts from Pretty Women! Can you tell I had fun with this whole ordeal? Laugh or Cry I will choose humour 99% of the time!

We went to the annual Christmas Parade and literally froze our booties off!

Chandler was crowned princess of her Sunday School Nursery class and frankly I couldn't agree more! haha

Ann Mason and I had a date night and went to see the Nutcracker. Yes, apparently I am the only person in the WORLD that didn't realize they don't talk in the nutcracker! Oops! Luckily she loved it and it kept her entertained even without dialogue :)

We kept the tradition alive of decorating Mamaw's tree. See how it works is Mamaw feeds us a big free meal, the boys put up the tree and we yell GO and all of the kids put up all of the ornaments!~ I must say it is the most efficient decorating I have ever witnessed. Mamaw is such a good sport she even leaves the ornaments exactly where they put them even if that means 10 are on one branch!

This poor sweet girl literally has been the sickest I have ever seen her. Sunday she started running a fever of 104 and we got an antibiotic thinking it was just the winter time crud. Well, whatever she had was viral and it was brutal. I am pretty sure she had some kind of version of hand, foot and mouth but just in her mouth. Her fever broke yesterday and now she is covered in the viral infection rash but the worst is behind us, thank goodness!!
13 days till Christmas, every time I say that I get light headed!

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Elizabeth and Jeremy said...

Blake you look awesome!! And I had no idea you were going to start your own agency. Thats so awesome! Go for it!!