Thursday, January 23, 2014

Living With Purpose- Family Time

As you know my theme for 2014 is Living With Purpose! I started reading this blog probably about 8 or 9 months ago. Every post stung, brought tears to my eyes and resonated so deeply with me that I could only try and change my path! I was thrilled when I found out that she was writing a book and pre-ordered it! It was definitely worth the wait. It is the type of book that you will want to re-read, highlight,dog ear and memorize ever page. It is common sense in a world that is anything but. It brings you back down to reality and helps you realize what and who are important when our world is trying to convince us otherwise! It is in my opinion A.MUST.READ for every person!!
With that said I have really tried to remember to be intentional, present in my actions especially when I am with Tex and the kids. I am just like everyone else... easily distracted by my phone, social media, household chores, this, that and everything in between. What may come easy for some people doesn't always come easy for me.... stepping away from a mess to just sit down and play a board game DOES.NOT. come naturally to me. This is a huge life change for me that I hope to improve each day....
So we have been dedicating a lot more time to pure family time! Putting the phone away, turning off the television and ipad and actually enjoying each other!
Since Chandler got sick and we didn't get to go to Georgetown we wanted to do something fun with the big kids! We went ice skating. It was SO much fun! I think I enjoyed it more than they did even though I am 33 and still skate with a milk crate :)
My little ice fashionista, she killed it on the ice!

Palmer, my sweet cautious boy! He loved it but was scared to fall but once he got the first fall out of the way I think he realized he was going to be fine! Such a great family night where the distractions of social media and household chores were not present!
Since we can't go "out" all of the time we are really trying to make some time at home to quiet the electronics, sit around the table and do some activities. I am slowly finding that I love board games and crafts just as much or more than I did when I was little!
We are rainbow loom crazy at our house! The amount of rubber bands I find on the floor on a daily basis is enough to make me coo-coo but another thing I am letting go of!

We finally mastered loom bracelets on our fingers. It is sad to admit that I might have graduated college but I have watched 17 you tube videos and don't understand how to make the bracelets with the loom but 7 years olds are mass producing these things all over the country! I finished mine via my own two fingers and I was so proud of myself! The kids LOVE it!

Another night this week was board game night which means Monopoly (we really have to step up our board game collection!) Other than Ann Mason sobbing every time she had to "visit" jail or pay someone their rent and Palmer trying to embezzle money from the "bank" into his "account" we had a really, really great time!

I am finding that we are much more happy as a family when we have spent time together with no distractions and presently interacting with each other. Not every day is board game day in our house. Yesterday we as a family failed miserably! Fits were thrown, voices were raised and tears were shed (by both parent and child) but one day or one moment is not going to define me. I wake up each day and ask God to just do a little better than I did the day before! This is a slow progress but one that is worth working on everyday as hard as I can!!!

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