Thursday, January 9, 2014

So far....

So far 2014 has already posed, challenges, changes but also moments of joy and it is only Jan 9th!!!
Daddy returned home from his trip to Myrtle Beach for his grandmothers funeral. We were so very sad we couldn't go but 12 hours and 3 small kids didn't work out :( We ALL missed him dearly. It is the first time I have gone 5 days away from him with all three kids by myself. This momma was worn out!
The girls were SO happy he was home! He looks exhausted :)

We got to hang out with some great friends and have an awesome playdate while Tex was away! I was shocked how agressive Chandler was with Hudson. She was trying to hug and kiss him the whole time!haha He wasn't even phased that cute boy gets girls hugging him all of the time!

My dad came in. It is always such a great time when  he comes in to visit and the kids loved it and he takes us out to eat! haha So thankful for him and the time we get to see him, wish it was more!

We treated ourselves to Texas Roadhouse, we don't eat out much anymore so EVERYONE including Chandler was very HAPPY!

I am trying to do something every week/every few weeks that is pin-spired aka something I saw on pinterest. This is our "gallery" wall in the bedroom we have one more thing to hang in the blank spot but I love how it turned out. We re-did our whole master bedroom and I am just in love! It was the one room in our house that after 2 1/2 years had never had a single thing done to it!

This next pic I am so excited about. I started working out Oct 30th, 2013. I met with a trainer twice so she could help show me some moves and take measurements, etc... She made me run a mile and I threw up twice! I am not kidding! I can now run 3 miles in 31 minutes! For those of you that know me know this is HUGE~! Within the first  6weeks of working out I lost 10 lbs and 11 inches!! It has been amazing. I can't wait to see where my fitness goals take me. I love it! I have some really bad "before" pics of myself but not quite ready for any "Afters" maybe some progress pics soon!
So that is what we have been up too so far in 2014 and I am probably leaving out 100 things!!! Here is to a good rest of the month!

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