Monday, January 20, 2014

LORDY, LORDY Look Who's 40

Before Chandler got sick we were having TONS of fun :) My sweet sister in law turned 40!!! She looks amazing and is so young at heart, this girl is going to rock her 40's!!! We had a blast surprising her for her 40th birthday, she had no idea!
Here she is with her momma (my mil)

Tex and I getting to enjoy a nice adult dinner with NO kids!!
Kathy and I had a BALL making this poster for Tricia. It was of all her most embarrassing and sweet childhood photos! She loved it!
Tricia, myself and Tex 
Of course in this family we celebrate birthdays for days and even weeks at a time! On Tricia's actual birthday we got to go out to a great restaurant here in town and celebrate again. This time the kiddos came! 
Does this girl look a bit sick? This is the night that she woke up and had to go to the ER for croop and RSV! Coulda fooled me! 
Sweet cousins. I cant tell you how sweet these girls are to each other. They might have a 7 year age difference but there is a bond so strong between them!
Happy Chandler, I love this girl to pieces. She is a daddy's girl and I suppose will be for life! She loves me too but daddy is where it's at! :) 
This is my husbands picture taking skills! I swear he just doesn't know how to work my phone! This is the best shot we got! So blessed to have family here especially on the days I miss mine the most :( 
PS the boys and men were there but obviously they wanted no part in the picture taking! I promise I didn't leave them out!

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