Thursday, December 20, 2012

All About Annie

Poor Ann Mason. She definitely gets the "middle child" wrath in some of my posts. As they say in the south,"Bless her heart" she is just strong willed, independent, persistent and determined. All qualities that I will be thrilled about when she is a self-sufficient, succesful, head on her shoulders type of 20 something girl but at 3 we have had some battles!

This week however we have turned a corner. It may be that I have made time specifically for Ann Mason and am trying to really truly be present with her when it is just her and I because she is the type of child that needs your 100% undivided attention when she is with you. She has been so stinking sweet this week!

Let me tell you this girl LOVES being a girl, loves everything about it! She has started wanting to wear dresses to daycare which hasn't gone over to well with me considering they don't always come back in tip top shape but I decided if the girl wants to wear dresses and feel good about herself, so be it!

Here is Ann Mason this morning, just a normal morning going to daycare. We have a routine now where we pick out a dress, accessories and then we usually have a lengthy discussion about possible hairstyles from the popular half up half down to the side pony tail and today it was pig tails. I promise I am not enabling crazy behavior but more letting her know that I am proud that she wants to take pride in the way she looks and feels and if pig tails and a dress make her feel special then pig tails and a dress it is! There is no harm in that for any girl to feel good about herself and the way she looks!

I was so scared to be a mom of a girl and still am at times especially now with two. What I didn't realize was how much I would like picking out outfits and curling hair and buying hair bands and bows. I love watching her tell Daddy to close his eyes and when she says open them she is usually in a pose like in the picture above and he tells her how beautiful she is and she beams from ear to ear.

I hope she grows up knowing that beauty comes from within and you can be the prettiest girl in the world and have the ugliest actions. Wow, I sound like a mom!

I am so proud of Annie and can't wait to see what life has in store for her or rather what she has in store for Life. She is a force to be reckoned with!
I think the greatest thing about being a mother is seeing how different and unique each child is and the hardest thing about being a mother is making sure you nuture their strengths and weaknesses the right way! It would be a lot easier if there was a handbook on how to do this correctly :)

T-minus 4 days till Christmas I am finally starting to feel my shoulders drop from up by my head, my breathe get a little softer and myself starting to get EXCITED!!!!

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Sarah said...

Oh Blake, I know exactly how you feel! Both of my girls are so head strong. Like you say, I think it will be a blessing one of these days but right now it sure causes lots of stress in our household. ;) Annie is such a little doll and I love that she just wants to wear dresses!!