Monday, December 17, 2012

Here comes Santa Clause...

Thankfully Sunday the family felt good enough and had been fever free for well over 48 hours to finally get out of the house! We went to church, ate a yummy lunch at the in laws and went back to the church for the kids Christmas Play. Ann Mason was just itching to get up on stage. She SO wants to do it next year. Palmer is still convinced it is totally not his thing :) After the play they had a birthday party for Jesus and Santa was there! The kids were pumped especially Annie. She was also pumped cause her BFF Tatum was there and those two are two peas in a pod!

3 Amiga's in their minky dot pants with Santa~
Laughing and Eating all the sugar they could get their hands on!

Annie asking Santa for an American Girl Doll. The way she says it is precious, she wants one so bad!

My soon to be 10 year old Niece! (I can remember like it was yesterday her being born on Christmas Eve and us eating at the Chinese restaurant!) She is the sweetest thing ever and the best cousin to my Annie-boo!
This pic cracks me up! Chandler still doesn't look up to snuff in this pic not to mention the scratch on her face doesn't help. She didn't mind Santa either way, I actually think Santa was more scared of her! haha

I seriously cannot wrap my brain around the fact that Christmas is a week from today pretty much, I have not wrapped one present! I told someone the other day that I didn't become a flaky mom until I had number 3 and now I can never get my act together! haha If I can just make it thru this week we will be good! So excited to spend some quality time with my husband and the kiddos and just enjoy our time as a family! We have so much to be thankful for this year, I just want to enjoy it and be present!

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Sarah said...

Merry Christmas to the Templeton's! Glad you guys are feeling better in time for Christmas!!