Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Swagg: Style, Coolness, Confidence
Swagga: Style or Personality
Swagger: A person's style
TMS: Too much Swag(ger)

I feel especially old when my co-workers talk about Swag or Swagger. :) Simply put, I have none. Thankfully I work in a hilarious atmosphere where we have "swagger Thursdays". This idea was originated from the 17 and 18 year old co-op guys who have now been at our office for 3 months. So, on Thursdays everyone where's their best "swagger" and we rock it out and see who wins Swagger Thursday. For those of you who know me I have no swagg, my "uniform" is a black turtle neck and jeans. I did manage to win Swagger Thursday one time only because my Gap Dress had zippers on the side and apparently this was "swagga".

Little did I know that when I became a mom that my kiddos would grow up with Swagger! Annie and Palmer both have Swagger (for reals, as Ann Mason would say!) Sunday mornings have now turned into a swagg contest. The focus is still on Jesus but my kids want to be swagg for Jesus! haha! I seriously don't even know how we get out of the house with so much swagger :)

PS these are terrible pics but you get the point...

Palmer in his swagger and new fav obsession fedora's? WTH? You're 5!

Ann Mason: Note both hands on her hips. Her swagger is usually in something sparkly, sequins type outfit but this Sunday she let me dress her appropriately for a 3 year old but the swagger was in her hair. We curled, fluffed, sprayed and added a headband with bling!

This girl just has swagga written all over her! haha! I can't imagine when I have two big girls that want their hair done, sparkly everything and hands on their hips :)

I am getting a little more swagger with my straight leg pants :) Tex is the one we need to work one! He is lacking in the swagger department. I plan to do a 2013 makeover on him, he just doesn't know it yet!

Speaking of someone with swagger I LOVE this girls blog, she has the best outfits ever. Check her out.

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